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65. GUSTAVE LE GRAY (1820-1884) - The Road to Chailly, Cloudy Sky, 1852-1856

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Discovery of an unknown portrait :
Vincent Van Gogh in conversation with Paul Gauguin and Émile Bernard

 Highlights auction 56

35 - ATTR. TO FRÉDÉRIC MARTENS (1806-1885) - Pont-Neuf with bastions, Paris, c. 1852Salt print, 303x240 mm, original mount.Extremely rare view of Parisian oldest in existence and most famous bridge, when the shops,designed by germain Soufflot were lining the sidewalks. The restauration of the Pont-Neufstarted in 1851. Provenance: collection Jean-Pierre Faur.

72 - EGYPTIAN EXPEDITION - Thebes to Philæ, Egypt, c. 1860Six (6) delicate albumen print, 242x196 mm, French captions on the mounts.The Philæ temple complex was dismantled and relocated to nearby agilkia island before the1970 completion of the aswan High Dam.

88 - FRANÇOIS GOBINET DE VILLECHOLE DIT FRANCK (1816-1906) - Journey to the Center of Paris, 1860Eight large albumen prints cropped in tondos, 190x250 mm, publisher’s binding.a beautiful and complete set, including the top left image which is also at the MET :“Some of Baron Haussmann's alterations to the city are barely visible to the modernpedestrian strolling the streets of Paris. The sewers, the catacombs, and the covering of theBièvre River all changed the look and feel (and smell) of Paris, though they are largely hiddenfrom view”. Provenance: collection Jean-Pierre Faur.

106 - EUGÈNE APPERT (1830-1891) PIERRE PETIT, LEOPOLD DUBOIS & ALII - Communards and Petroleuses, Hostages and Avengers, Paris-Versailles, 1871175 albumen prints, cdv format, in a vintage collection album, 25 leaves.A rare collection gathering actors of the dramatic Paris uprising: Louis Rossel, Elisabeth Retiffe,Eulalie Papavoine, Jules Ferry, Henri Rochefort, Napoléon Gaillard, Jules Vallès, Arthur Ranc,Louise Michel, Judith David, Gustave Courbet, Henri Regnault, Edmond Mégy, MaximeLisbonne and Eugène Pottier, who had already written some famous anthems’ lyrics, "LeTemps des cerises” and “L’Internationale". Collection Jean-Pierre Faur.

121 - FÉLIX NADAR, ÉTIENNE CARJAT, ADOLPHE BRAUN, EUGÈNE APPERT & ALII - Series of 150 positive gelatin relief matrices prepared by Goupil, then Boussod, Valadon &Cie for the Galerie Contemporaine, Paris, 1876-1884150 photoglyptic gelatin matrices, loose in the two original sampling albums.

133 - HIPPOLYTE BLANCARD (1843-1924) - Fishing in The Seine and others, Suresnes, 1887Twelve (12) vintage platinum prints, 160x214 mm,titled in ink by the artist: "Bas Meudon. Un pêcheur”,"Suresnes. Le Pont de Suresnes", "Point du jour. Vuegénérale du viaduc".Blancard documents the new docks of the Seine, andthe new bridges which allow access to the banks ofthe river and all sorts of activities, industrious orpeaceful.

135 - CIRCLE OF ÉMILE BERNARD (1868-1941) - "Van Gogh assis, vu de dos”, Asnières, winter 1886-1887Aristotype, 132x160 mm, later mount, ink caption by Bernard on the print: “asnières, monportrait en 1886” [Asnières, My Portrait in 1886], another handwriting on the folded mountprecised: “Émile Bernard en conversation avec Vincent Van Gogh sur les quais de la Seine àAsnières. En 1887 tous deux firent une toile intitulée “Le Pont d’Asnières” que l’on aperçoitdans le fond de cette photographie [Émile Bernard in conversation with Vincent Van Goghon the Seine’s banks at Asnières. In 1887 both made a painting titled "Le Pont d’Asnières",bridge which can be seen in the background of this photograph]“.

136 - JULES ANTOINE (1863-1948) ATTR. - Vincent Van Gogh in conversation with friends, Paris, 96 rue Blanche, December 1887Melanotype, direct positive and reversed image on blackboard (carton photographique),86x112 mm, “Gautier Martin” stamp, recto.Vincent Van Gogh in conversation with Paul Gauguin, Emile Bernard, Félix Jobbé-Duval.André Antoine is standing between them.

145 - HIPPOLYTE BLANCARD (1843-1924) - Les Cafés et les Bars de l’Exposition, 1889Eight (8) vintage platinum prints, 210x161 mm,titled by the artist: ”Léon”, “Spiers et Pond”.Gauguin organized the “Volpini” Exhibition inthe Café des Arts on the Champ de Mars, nearthe official art pavilion.

172 - ARTHUR GRENIER (1873-1944) - Circuit du Mans, 1913Ninety-eight (98) collodion on glasspositives, 85x100 mm, dated andcaptioned.Elegant excursion to the automobileLe Mans races, produced by GeorgesDurand (see previous lot).

207 - ROBERT CAPA (1913-1954) - Trotsky’s conference, Copenhagen, 1932Vintage silver print, 165x120 mm, original agency cropping.His first image was remembered by Robert Capa: “The newspapers carried a story that Trotskywould speak in Copenhagen. My bosses were excited — but, when they looked around, theysaw they had sent all the photographers out to cover events that were happening in Germany.I was the only one there. They said, “Go!” (Cf. Iconic Photos).

224 - GONZALO ARIZA (1912-1995) - Generations, Japan, 1937Vintage silver print, 239x284 mm.

231 - ALEXANDRE TRAUNER (1906-1993) - Just Broken Toys, Paris, c. 1936Vintage silver print, 236x178 mm, stamped.After studying painting at Hungarian Royal Drawing School, he emigrated to Paris in 1929,where he became the assistant of set designer Lazare Meerson.

239 - WERNER MOESLE (1886-1953) - City hall, Stockholm, 1945Vintage silver print, 167x225 mm, captioned by the artist "Stockholm (1945)".

263 - HANS JENNY (1904-1972) - Cymatic image: Patterns of a world permeated by rythm, Switzerland, 1963Vintage silver print, 185x187 mm, stamped by Stuten and Widmer.

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